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The school library is a VERY busy place at Bret Harte Middle School. The library has a constantly updated inventory.  Shelves of comics, high-interest novels, popular series, comfy chairs, and a stack of board games, is why lunchtime in the library just is AMAZING!

Need help with an assignment? Need to jazz up your project? Want to finish your homework early? Have no access to a computer or printer at home? The library is more than a place for awesome reads and entertainment. Come pick up a lunchtime pass!

Student Accounts

Students check out their class textbooks from the library at the beginning of each school year or upon arrival to Bret Harte. Once the majority of students have textbooks checked out the library is immediately opened for regular book checkouts and lunchtime activities. All students are responsible for taking care of their books, remembering due dates and for returning all items checked out by the end of the school year. Our Librarian will assist students with a variety of things, including how to use the library, where to find the books that are of interest, research, project printing and assistance, replacing lost or damaged books and paying fines owed.

You may access your own library record online to find out what you have checked out and when they are due. Here's how to get there:

  1. Click on the library portal below
  2. On the new page click on the top right corner where it says log in
  3. Log in with your information as stated below and click the blue log in button
  4. Click the tab that says catalog

Library Portal

Username:  Student ID #

Password:  Student Last Name


Donations to the library are welcomed at any time. If books are in good condition or have a little love I can add them to the library or find it a new home! If there is a donation that is not a book item please contact me directly to see if I can accept the item. 

FINES and Overdues

If a book that is checked out becomes lost, stolen, damaged ( torn, wet, stained, etc) a fine from a partial to full amount will be accessed to the account. This includes textbooks which range from $68 and up. These fines bar students from additional checkouts, dances, extracurricular activities, walking the stage, and ultimate graduation from high school.

There are many ways to take care of fines if a student sees our Librarian immediately. It is the goal of Bret Harte and HUSD to work with families to find solutions, but this requires students being proactive and speaking with our Librarian.  During the last month of school it is expected that students either have their books to turn in or that they have already spoken to the Librarian.  Library fines will cause students not to be able to get their class schedule the following school year until the fine is paid.

Fine can be seen with the instructions in the above box.

Textbook and Library Book Options:

  1. Cash payments to the library (sorry no check or credit card availability).
  2. Exact replacement of title missing bought through online or store vendors. Textbooks can be found here. Library books can be found via Amazon, Abebooks or any other vendor. Please ask your student to get an ISBN print out of books that have been fined.

Library Books Only:

  1. Purchase of a new high-interest YA level novel (hardcover). Please speak to the Librarian before purchasing.
  2. Special Circumstances and or Special Arrangements - With these options a written and/or documentation will need to be submitted by student and parent. Depending on circumstances borrowing may be barred for the remainder of the year and/or community service in lieu of payment. This option is not available the last month of school without a prior arrangement with the Librarian.

Overdue materials immediately delete fines when items are returned. If payments have been made in a short period of time from the return, a full cash refund will be given. If refund amount is not readily available then a refund process will be initiated thru the district.

Library Hours

Monday - Friday

7:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Reserve Books

To reserve a book please follow these instructions.

Contact Us

Ailssa Pigman
Phone: (510)723-3100 ext 40404