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7th graders at Bret Harte take Math 7 or Math 7 Compression.  The Compression course is our advanced course and placement is determined by a placement test in 6th grade or at the beginning of 7th grade.  Students in Math 7 will go on to Math 8 in 8th grade.  Students in Compression with satisfactory grades (B or better) and teacher recommendation will go into Algebra in 8th grade.

8th Graders at Bret Harte take Math 8 or Algebra.  Students in Math 8 will go on to Algebra in 9th grade.  Students in Algebra must pass with a B or higher to qualify for Geometry in the 9th grade.

Our Math teachers all provide support after school or at lunch.  We also have Math support classes after school.  Contact the main office (510)723-3100 or your child's teacher for more information.

Math Teachers

Eric Van Laeken, Department Chair: Math 8, Algebra

Milagros Heller: Math 7, Math 7/8 Compression

Miles Hancock: Math 8

Martin Ortiz: Math 7

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress

The CAASPP test is administered each year in May to all of our 7th and 8th grade students.  This is a measure used by the state and federal governments to understand how students are learning and to better allocate funds to schools to support student instruction.

CAASPP tests are based on the Common Core Standards for each subject area.  In Math students are expected not only to be able to complete computations, but to explain their answers and reasoning in words.

CAASPP annual scores for your students are available to parents through the online Parent Portal.